Tuesday 21 June 2011

The story of a smiling little flower

Once upon a time there was a little wondering flower and a happy old man. They lived their lives without knowing about each other. Until one day, when the happy old man saw the little wondering flower. He sat next to her and just breath for a while. And then he said:

Everything has a purpose. And in its purpose, everything is perfect just as it is. If you know you are a perfect being, do you need someone else to confirm this for you? Would you rather listen to an outer voice then your own inner voice?

Be happy where you are. There's no other place, there's no other time...

And so, the happy old man left, leaving the little wondering flower with a smile in her heart :)


Tuesday 25 January 2011


I asked my heart
tell me about God
and it was silence

I asked God
tell me about Love
and it was spring

I asked Love
tell me about Compassion
and it was life

I asked Compassion
tell me about Happiness
and it was dance

I asked Happiness
tell me about You
and it was me

I asked You
tell me about God
and it was silence


Saturday 22 January 2011


first, I remember I am light

then I love
so God can flower in my heart

then I paint
so the flower can choose its colors

then the Nature comes
with a touch of fragrance
and a breeze of dance

Shall we play together? :)